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These include some of the questions I'm most frequently asked. Click the topics to the left if you'd like to skip ahead to a certain category.  Still need an answer about something? Inquiries and questions can be sent to hopeolsonstudio@gmail.com

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Where can I buy your work?

My artwork is sold online, through Button Gallery (Douglas, Michigan), Fuller Art House (Sylvania, Ohio), local art exhibitions, and through contacting me personally. Select FINE ART at the top of the page to view a portfolio of my works and learn where a particular work is being sold. To find out about upcoming art shows in the Midwest, check the Events & Exhibitions page. I'd love to meet you! 

How can I learn about new work for sale?

I regularly post about current projects on Instagram. Follow me on Instagram to hear about upcoming series releases and get a behind-the-scenes look at my creative process. Also, those signed up for my email newsletter can be the first to hear about updates from the studio. You can subscribe here for my newsletter.

Do you take commissions?

I currently take several commissions each year. I work inside the parameters of my usual artistic style and subject, so if you like what you see in the shop, contact me at hopeolsonstudio@gmail.com with your idea! We can have a conversation about the project and I will let you know if I can accept the request at the present time. Commissioned works take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks from the initial conversation to complete. 

would you donate your art to a charitable event I'm organizing?

I donate a set number of fine art prints each year. Please email your request to hopeolsonstudio@gmail.com

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Primarily, I paint with acrylics on birch wood panel that is 1.5 inches deep. I use a clear sealant and gesso on the panel before I paint, so in some spots of the paintings, you might get to see the natural, light wood grain showing through. The sides of the painting are left the natural birch, providing a unique, finished look. I also paint with watercolor on paper. 


All my reproductions are printed locally in Michigan using a fancy printer with fancy inks by kind people who love art. Called "giclée" prints, the colors and finish of these will stay true for over a hundred years! Fine art giclée prints won't fade or start looking dingy like many other sorts of reproductions do. Make sure to hang them where there is no direct sunlight. 

CAN I ask for a PRINT or print size THAT'S NOT LISTED IN YOUR SHOP?

Yes. I try to offer a variety of sizes in the online print shop, but you are welcome to contact me and inquire about a specific size. Sizes cap at 20 x 20 inches to maintain excellent resolution and print quality. 


Visit the SHIPPING & RETURNS page for details about shipping times and expectations.

can i instead arrange for LOCAL PICK-UP or DELIVERy?

You are welcome and encouraged to arrange for a local pick-up or delivery if located in or near to Holland, Michigan. Select "Local Pick-Up/Deliver in Holland, MI" at checkout for this option.

should i get my artwork framed after i buy it?

For acrylic paintings on wood or canvas, this is entirely up to you! The acrylic paintings do not need to be framed. The deep, wooden edges of the panels provide a neat and finished look. The paintings are also wired in the back, ready to hang.

I highly encourage framing for all prints and watercolor paintings on paper. You can look into custom framing at your local framer or art supply store, or you can also find pre-cut mats and standard size frames at home goods stores and many art supply stores. I offer prints in standard sizes to make this easier. Watercolor paintings and giclee prints must be framed so the delicate paper is not exposed to dust and humidity.

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gallerists, stockists + designers

I AM a gallery / shop owner. CAN I resell your work?

I'm happy to hear you're interested in my work and think it'd be a good fit for your gallery or shop! Gallery-owners: please send your ideas to hopeolsonstudio@gmail.com. Retailers: I offer prints at wholesale prices to select stockists. Also, if your store would like to hang my original artwork for an exhibition or show, contact hopeolsonstudio@gmail.com. NO ARTWORK OR PRINTS CAN BE RESOLD WITHOUT MY WRITTEN PERMISSION.

i am an interior designer. Can i buy your work at wholesale?

I love interior designers! (That's what I studied in undergrad, after all.) I offer designer discounts on prints. I fully trust you to make it look dang good in someone's space. I only offer a designer discount on original paintings if multiple originals are purchased at one time. 

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Please email media inquiries or collaboration ideas to hopeolsonstudio@gmail.com. I'd love to work with you!

You are also welcome to share photography from this website on your blog, website, or social media; please make sure to credit both myself (hopeolson.com) and my photographer, Lindsey Peterson (lindseypeterson.org).

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RIGHTs of the artist

The artist always maintains the copyright to the artwork. Even once a painting is sold or commissioned, artwork can never be reproduced or resold by the customer without my written consent. Though a collector owns a painting, they are not buying the rights to reproduce it.

rights of the collector

A collector has rights to hang the artwork in their home or business. It must not be resold or reproduced in any way by the customer. If you are interested to purchase the full rights to your work, email your licensing request to hopeolsonstudio@gmail.com

shipping / returns

Click here for details about the shipping and return policy. 


Please read product descriptions carefully and check the colors of the artwork across multiple devices if you are concerned about color variations when your art arrives. I want to clearly convey colors as best I can, but naturally, they will appear a little differently device-to-device and screen-to-real life. If you have further concerns, contact me so that I may send additional photographs of the work in various lighting conditions to clarify. Artwork and prints cannot be returned.

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